Container Conversions
You wouldn’t believe how many incredible things can be made from shipping containers.
Their simple design allows for easy conversion into a vast array of uses, while additions such
as windows, doors, air conditioning or heating can be readily made. With all those options at
our fingertips, we have undertaken some ambitious conversion projects.

Our experienced team are capable of creating custom conversions based on client’s specs.

It’s enough to tell us your basic idea and we can come up with a viable plan to turn it into practical reality. Our in-house design team can propose a vision, while you retain the power to approve the final blueprint.


As a demonstration of our capacities, here is a brief overview of the customisation options that can be executed without delay.


Standard Customisation 

Doors: Multiple doors can be fitted

Windows: Sliding glass panels in aluminium frames with external steel shutters

Electrics: Full electrics utility systems (heating, cooling...) and technical appliances

Air Conditioning: Designed to fit the layout of the chosen container

Painting: Refresh and personalise the appearance of units
Ventilation: Multiple vents can be added to ensure sufficient airflow

Some of our most popular container conversions include:

  • Anti-vandal Site cabins

  • Offices

  • Canteens 

  • Drying rooms

  • Equipment sheds

  • Generator cabins

  • Stables

  • Workshops

If you require information, want to discuss specifics
or would like a quote for your container delivery,
please contact us on : 01283 537 382  or email:
[email protected]

Some of our bespoke conversions include:


Starting with a standard container, it is possible to create very practical office space or canteen, with electrics if required. LCS units also be customised with client’s logos and corporate branding.


Tool Storage Unit

The interior of our containers can be designed and racked out to hold tooling.



Fully functional and commercially attractive accommodation can be formed out of converted containers, possible features include:  beds, storage space, bathroom facilities small kitchens etc . Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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