Container Sales
Our shipping containers are available in a wide range of sizes, ranging from 8ft to 40ft.
Everything is ready for sale or hire and we stock both new and used units. Our entire business model
revolves around our customers, we strive for nothing short of brilliance.
Platinum-class customer service
Customers can choose from a variety of sizes of new or used steel
shipping containers, including 8FT, 10FT, 20FT and 40FT 
units. All of our new products meet the ISO quality standards
and are available for delivery throughout the United Kingdom.

In addition to great prices and a substantial
product range, our clients can also get help and
advice from our friendly customer service team.
We are available to assist at every step.
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General FAQ's
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General FAQ's
Where do you deliver?
Our deliveries reach most parts of the UK. Please
contact us to confirm whether delivery to your address
is possible.
Are steel shipping containers watertight?
Yes, 100%! They are manufactured with the explicit purpose of enduring transport across oceans without taking any water.

Do I need a planning permission?
Storage containers are considered temporary structures, as such planning permission is usually not necessary. However, there could be exceptions for certain locations or long-term installations.
Are there any details important for delivery?
We need to know whether there are any obstacles blocking
access to the container's future location, i.e. a fence or
overhead cables.
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