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So, what exactly are shipping containers?

Shipping containers are large metal boxes that are normally used to transport a variety of goods all over the world. They are structurally sound, durable and designed to withstand harsh environments, such as the conditions at open sea. In fact, they have proven to be so reliable and hardy they are finding secondary use for storage purposes. Containers can also be converted to serve as offices, sports changing rooms, cabins, control rooms...


What are shipping containers made of?

A typical container is made of a particular type of steel called Corten, which is highly resistant to the corrosive effects of the weather conditions.  


Are steel shipping containers watertight?

Yes, 100%! They are built with the explicit purpose of enduring transport across oceans without taking any water, and even their doors are equipped with heavy duty rubber seals that are designed to keep the moisture out.


How do I get my container delivered?

The delivery date and time are agreed at the time of contract signing, our dedicated delivery vehicle will then bring the container to your preferred location.


Can we visit your premises to view and select the containers we need?

We love meeting customers! Call us on: 01283 537 382 and we will ensure a member of staff is on-hand to show you round our current sale stock.


Where do you deliver?

Our deliveries reach most parts of the UK, including Staffordshire, Birmingham, Derby and Nottingham. If you are located in another area, please contact us to confirm whether delivery to your address is possible. 


Are there any details important for delivery? 

We need to know whether there are any obstacles blocking access to the container’s future location, i.e. a fence or overhead cables or crossing grass without a track way. If we are aware of such details in advance, we can adequately prepare for a flawless delivery. If you are unsure we can offer a site visit prior to the delivery charges for this service may apply. 


Do you sell shipping containers?

Yes, we do. Our full range of sizes are available for sale. We believe that we offer one of the best price to quality ratios in the market.


Do I need a planning permission for my storage container?

Storage containers are considered temporary structures, as such planning permission is usually not necessary. However, there could be exceptions for certain locations or long-term installations. If you are in any doubt, it may be best to check with your local authority.


Do shipping containers suffer from condensation?

Yes. Moisture from the atmosphere will be deposited inside any metal container that are subjected to temperature variations.  However, there are ways to mitigate this, such as ventilation holes, de-humidifiers, or moisture absorbing poles, but best practice is to only store goods when dry.


Do steel containers need any kind of maintenance?

While the containers are in our possession; all moving parts and locking mechanisms are regularly cleaned and maintained and the door seals are checked. This ensures the containers are delivered to you in good working condition. 

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