LCS Sponsor Albion v Bristol City Game
With many a football-lover among the LCS team, our company was proud to sponsor the game Albion v Bristol City on 10th March.

The game, which started with great MOMENTUM, continued to pick up throughout the first half; the EXPERIENCED Darren Bent shot a cracking header, which left the crowd gasping as it landed straight into the hands of Frank Fielding. Fielding then later produced two connecting close-range saves which brought the first half to an unforgettable close. The first half of the match also saw Brewers pressing well; penning City inside their own half. Brewers' move undoubtedly proved dangerous when Damien McRory crossed, but the ball was then whipped in from the left towards Bent once again. The game also saw Milan Djuric make his first appearance for City in three months; something the crowd were pleased about! 

The crowd gasped as City's first genuine attack was blocked by Patterson' looping cross. This was then headed away by Kyle McFadzean; Brewer's skipper. After Kelly, posing as an overlapping decoy, shot a kick which sailed off target, Luke Murphy's effort at redeeming the team did not go unnoticed by the crowd or the ref, but unfortunately neither by the opposition too! Liam Boye headed over a bar just after Murphy's failed effort; landing just wide of the goal, which was then blocked by Marlon Park. This game is neck and neck, yet both teams were yet to score a goal. 

It was Albion who came out on top in the first half; Hope Apkan was released, but was soon blocked by City's keeper. With Akins suffering an off-the-ball injury, Lloyd Dyer was brought on as an early substitute for Brewers; picking out Marvin Sordell just moments after his release. City's captain, however, managed to cut off these efforts with a perfectly positioned block. 

The second half showed just as much potential as the first half, but who was going to score first? Eros Pisano, Nathan Baker and Lloyd Kelly were all handed starts and Hodur Magnusson later went onto become the second-half substitute, with Diedhou being replaced in a double change for City. 

Lois Diony and Milan Djuric were then brought on by Johnson and the Senegal attacker joined forces with Paterson in City's final two substitutions. All of these changes added new dimensions to the game, yet still no one was scoring. The crowd was on tender hooks, nervously awaiting a big shoot. However, despite such changes, the team still had their air share of defending to do and it only went downhill from there. Djuric became engrossed in a handful of clearances and Fielding could only watch as he struggled. Tom Flanagan's effort was thrown off course and landed wide form the edge of the penalty area. Brownhill, who managed to pick up the ball in stoppage time, somehow missed his last chance to bring the game back; his powerful shot landed straight in the hands of Bywater. 

Albion gave the crowd a glimmer of hope at the end of the match, when Flanagan's left-foot effort came so close to a goal, but their hopes were smashed as the shot just failed to curl 

enough to beat Fielding. Josh Brownhill filled his team with equal hope as he found space on the edge of the box. But hope faded as his shot went into the hands of Bywater. 

With the match eventually drawing, the LCS team were on the edge of their seats. We all thoroughly enjoyed the match and meeting some of the team afterwards.

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