8FT Containers
Our smallest product is very sought after! 8FT containers offer versatility and simplicity of handling and maintenance.
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Full steel
Double lockable
cargo doors
Standard floor
New style lock-box for
extra security

An affordable and cost-efficient solution for storing a variety of goods, providing you with an excellent return on investment.

Ideal for storing bulky items, these compact containers can be frequently found in private houses, company warehouses or at construction sites. Frequently used by home owners and businesses alike for safely storing a range of items from paper documents, to motor bikes, to old furniture, even valuable trade assets. LCS 8FT containers are cheap, secure and convenient.


When you consider how secure, moisture-resistant and flexible they are, their popularity is not a surprise. These versatile little boxes can be rented for short or long periods, or purchased outright. They are useful for personal use i.e. families moving home, they can also produce considerable value for private or public institutions operating on a budget.



LCS 8ft Containers have the following specifications:

  • Made completely of high-grade steel

  • Double cargo doors with a locking rod on each door

  • Standard floors made of steel construction overlaid with ply boarding

  • New style lock-boxes are also available

  • Perfect for confined areas and tightly packed spaces.

  • Lightweight and easy to transport from one location to another.

  • Simple to pack and unpack.

  • Highly resistant to adverse weather conditions.

  • Suitable for a wide range of industries, including retail, hospitality, government, construction, military etc

  • Can be branded or painted according to client’s preference. 

Size Description External dimensions
(L) x (W) x (H)
Internal dimensions
(L) x (W) x (H)
Door apeture
(W) x (H)
8ft Standard Steel Storage Container 8ft x 7ft 2in x 7ft 4 1/2 in
2.438m x 2.200m x 2.260m
7ft 5in x 6ft 9in x 6ft 8in
2.275m x 2.107m x 2.070m
6ft 9in x 6ft 4in
2.07m x 1.945m
8ft Toilets 8ft Double Sanitary Cabin 7ft 8in x 4ft 9in x 8ft 3in
2.40m x 1.40m x 2.540m
7ft 3in x 4ft 1in x 7ft 2in
2.255m x 1.255m x 2.200m
2ft 10in x 6ft 6in
00.875m x 2.0m

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Wait, there’s more!

Our best-selling 8FT storage containers can be converted to fit your unique requirements. The range of modifications we offer include adding additional
doors or vents, as well as electrical power for lighting and  heating. 

Next Steps

To learn more about sales, hire or customisation of our 8FT containers, please complete our short online form, or call us on 01283 537 382.  

Some of the other products within our portfolio include larger containers, including 10FT, 20FT and 40FT models. Our sales representatives will be happy to walk you through the options and help you find the most optimal and affordable solution for your storage or usable space needs.

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