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We hold a range of 10 ft and 20 ft Offices. Produced from top quality materials and available in an assortment of colours.
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A fast and convenient way to solve the issue of business space for small companies or SME’s looking to install field offices.

Office space is an essential resource that eats into the monthly budget of every small business. To help our customers cut down their expenses without sacrificing comfort or facilities, we stock a compact and affordable solution. Our single offices can be customised to meet your personal specification and delivered to the location of your choice in a fully functional state.

LCS has considerable expertise with both modular buildings and container conversions. Our cabins are made from high-quality materials that provide sufficient protection from the weather, while the interior features can be tailored to purpose. Our units can be equipped with electricity, toilets,

security locks, additional doors or windows or any other amenities required. The superior craftsmanship of our products is obvious at first sight – LCS offices can be branded to fit your corporate guidelines and often outshine far more expensive buildings.


We give customers the option to purchase or rent their office space, making our buildings a viable option for startup businesses. Our 10ft and 20ft offices can fit into small spaces and are equally suitable for deployment in a street, garden or out-of-town setting. In other words, our practical structures are ideal for a wide spectrum of business applications and provide a fast return on investment. If you are wondering whether this solution could work for you, don’t hesitate to contact us and request a free consultation.


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To learn more about sales, hire or customisation of our 10Ft and 20FT offices, please complete our short online form, or call us on 01283 537 382.   Our sales representatives will be happy to walk you through the options and help you find the most optimal and affordable solution.


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